The Amplify Horse Racing Mentorship Program launched in 2021, formalizing the process of pairing youth and young adults interested in pursuing a Thoroughbred industry career (Mentees) with experienced industry professionals who can offer guidance (Mentors). 

Since its launch, the program has produced dozens of graduates, and propelled its participants to jobs, internships and educational pursuits within various fields of the equine industry. These include media, racetrack and farm work, parimutuel wagering, sales, ownership, and veterinary medicine. Notably, the program has accepted mentees from 17 different states and territories.


These mentorship pairings are meant to educate about the Thoroughbred industry and develop an understanding for its nuances; teach important skills and knowledge needed to pursue a job or career; and facilitate meaningful conversations between experienced professionals and newcomers about the realities of employment in the Thoroughbred industry.

The objectives of the program are:

  • Improve accessibility of the Thoroughbred industry.
  • Develop newcomers’ understanding of the Thoroughbred industry by leveraging the passion, knowledge and experience of industry professionals.
  • Facilitate meaningful conversations between young adults and industry professionals about employment expectations.
  • Create a pathway to employment by connecting education and workforce.

NEW FOR 2023!

Amplify will offer four end-of-year travel awards to outstanding mentees who complete the program having demonstrated a strong work ethic and dedication to pursuing involvement in the Thoroughbred industry. Award recipients will have the opportunity to travel to Kentucky for a weekend of behind-the-scenes tours and networking experiences. Details about how to apply will be shared with mentees accepted to the program.


Mentorship is not the same as an internship. Mentoring is a structured and trusting relationship that brings young people (“mentees”) together with experienced industry professionals (“mentors”) who offer guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing their journey into the Thoroughbred industry. Mentors counsel mentees on their career goals, direction and steps toward achievement.

Amplify Horse Racing’s insurance policy covers the program as a conversational and observation-based learning experience. Mentors who hire their mentees to intern or work for them automatically assume the liability of a working experience.


Mentorship pairings are made based on perceived compatibility between a mentee’s areas of interest in the Thoroughbred industry and their mentor’s career field. Compatibility of schedules and geographic proximity are also taken into account. Meetings can take place virtually or in-person.


The Amplify Horse Racing Mentorship Program is 3 months long – however, mentor-mentee pairs are encouraged to build a working relationship and continue meeting and communicating beyond the 3 months of the program if they wish to do so. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Mentorships take place in the spring (March-May) and in the fall (August-October).
  • While mentees can apply for the program in January or June, mentors can fill out an interest form at any time of the year.
  • Mentee’s must apply, be interviewed and accepted.
  • Mentors must also apply and pass a background check.
  • Amplify provides an email introduction between mentors and mentees, and schedules a face-to-face introduction over Zoom. Amplify also provides training materials and resources to guide conversations.
  • After the Zoom introduction, mentors and mentees schedule their own meetings and determine most convenient communication and meeting methods.
  • Pairs must meet for a minimum of 1 hour per month for 3 months, and spend additional time communicating between meetings.
  • Mentors and mentees each complete a final survey.


The Amplify Horse Racing Mentorship Program uses a hybrid mentorship approach, facilitating both in-person and virtual meetings between mentors and mentees. Amplify provides in-person meeting location and virtual platform suggestions.


 There is no fee for mentors or mentees to participate.


Amplify Horse Racing Inc. nor any mentors involved in the program are obligated to provide transportation to or from any meetings, or to cover any costs associated with the virtual or in-person meetings. All transportation and potential costs of meetings are the sole responsibility of the mentees. 



Mentee candidates should demonstrate a strong desire to learn, and interest in working in the Thoroughbred industry. Those with a general equine interest who would like to learn more about working in the Thoroughbred industry are also welcome to apply.

The suggested age range is 15-25, and there are no restrictions based on academic achievement. Amplify prioritizes applicants with little to no industry work experience. 

Applicants must be residents of the United States, U.S. territories, or Canada.

Because the program is limited to 20 mentees per program intake, Amplify must narrow down applicants. In the final selection process, Amplify prioritizes candidates with a desire to work in the Thoroughbred industry, those who are within the age range, and have little to no industry work experience. Enthusiasm and work ethic are also considered, based on the application and interview. 
This program is not appropriate for individuals trying to progress or sell their individual business interests, or improve their handicapping abilities. 


The 2023 fall mentee applications will be open from June 1 – June 30. The Spring 2024 application will open in January. Upon application close, candidates will be contacted for an interview.


In total, Amplify Horse Racing estimates that the program will require a minimum of 8 hours from mentees over the course of 3 months:

  • Upon program acceptance, review mentee introduction materials and submit intro bio (1 hour)
  • Virtual mentee orientation (1 hour)
  • Mentor/mentee introduction by Amplify Horse Racing over Zoom (30 minutes)
  • Attend a minimum of three 1-hour meetings arranged between mentor and mentee and communicate between meetings (4 hours)
  • Complete monthly check-in reports** (1 hour)
  • Complete final feedback survey after third month (30 minutes)
  • Follow mentor assignments and industry study suggestions** (1-3 hours)
  • Optional: Upon completing the program, mentees will have the opportunity to submit a final project and mentorship report to be eligible for a year-end travel award (details to be announced later this year)
  • Optional: End of year networking event in Kentucky (4 hours)

**Mentees will be required to complete a monthly check-in detailing meetings with their mentors and valuable take-aways. Mentors may also assign additional learning assignments to their mentees that compliment and reinforce meeting topics.


  • Connect with an amazing mentor who can guide you towards career-impacting opportunities.
  • Work with your mentor to create an educational and training plan to work toward your goals.
  • Build your network by connecting with a wider group of mentors, mentees and graduates.
  • Mentees who complete all program requirements will be awarded with a certificate of completion.
  • Receive an Amplify Horse Racing hat!


Are you interested in becoming a mentor? Amplify Horse Racing welcomes new mentors to apply at any time!


  • 6+ years of experience working in the Thoroughbred industry
  • No criminal record
  • Must be willing to undergo a background check and share a copy of their drivers license
  • Ability to dedicate ~8 hours to in-person or virtual meetings with a mentee
  • Mentors can apply at any time throughout the year, but will only be paired with a mentee when the right match comes along.
  • Mentors will only be asked to volunteer for one mentorship session per year (spring or fall). 

Questions? Contact

To be considered as a mentor, please complete the Mentor Interest Form at the bottom of the page. 


In total, Amplify Horse Racing estimates that the program will require a minimum of 8 hours from mentors:

  • Complete initial mentor application (30 minutes)
  • Complete background check and share drivers license with program coordinator (15 minutes) – Once these first two steps are completed, documents are valid for 3 years
  • Read Mentor training slideshow, provided upon being paired with a mentee (1 hour)
  • Attend virtual mentor orientation (1 hour, required for first-time mentors only)
  • Mentor/mentee introduction by Amplify Horse Racing over Zoom (30 minutes)
  • Attend a minimum of three 1-hour meetings arranged between mentor and mentee, and communicate with mentee between meetings (4 hours)
  • Complete final feedback survey after third month (30 minutes)
  • Optional: End of year networking event in Kentucky (4 hours)

**On average, most mentors meet with their mentees two or more times per month. This should be determined between you and your mentee, based on your schedule and availability.  Mentors may also assign their mentees additional learning or reading assignments that compliment meeting topics.


What if I’m too busy at the moment? – Mentors can request on their application whether they prefer to mentor in the spring or fall (or no preference).

What if I only want to meet virtually/in-person? – Mentors can request if they have a preference.

Where should I meet with my mentee? – Amplify will provide a comprehensive list of meeting locations and virtual platforms. Most mentees would love to attend an industry event with you, or even job shadow you at your place of work!

Can my mentee work for me? Amplify’s insurance policy covers the program as a conversational and observation-based learning experience. Mentors who hire their mentees to intern or work for them automatically assume the liability of a working experience.